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Pulse 6″x8″ Underseat Active Bass Enclosure

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Pulse 6"x8" Underseat Active Bass Enclosure

The high excursion 6” x 8” active subwoofer enclosure offers a compact design that adds powerful bass even in tight spaces, such as under a seat, seamlessly integrating into your car speaker system. Featuring a built-in Class-D amplifier with an onboard crossover and variable bass boost, it delivers a tight bass response with 80W RMS and 240W peak power for a smooth, punchy sound. Easy to integrate into any vehicle, the enclosure’s high-level input and auto turn-on functions elevate your car audio with immersive bass. The premium cast alloy chassis provides a robust, durable enclosure, ensuring optimal performance while remaining lightweight and portable. For total control, the subwoofer includes a dash-mounted remote, allowing you to adjust the bass level from the driver’s seat.

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