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8″ Pro Audio Midrange Car Speaker

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8" Pro Audio Midrange Car Speaker

The Powerbox Pro series amplifier is a versatile solution designed to handle a wide range of audio frequencies, delivering a maximum power output of 6600W, perfect for powering various car speakers. Its built-in bass boost circuit provides additional sound customization options, while its Class D Topology ensures efficient performance by minimizing power supply consumption through high-speed switching transistors and reducing heat with an integrated fan. Its compact and lightweight design facilitates easy installation, further enhanced by OEM Integration, allowing seamless integration with OEM car audio systems without the need for head unit modifications. The amp also features a clip-light for simplified gain setup and monitoring. With enhanced audio quality achieved through low and high-pass filter crossovers, it efficiently distributes frequencies across speakers, resulting in balanced and accurate audio reproduction. Additionally, the Remote Gain Control feature enables users to fine-tune bass response or prevent damage without accessing the amplifier, allowing for adjustments while maintaining focus on the road.

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